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Fast navigation:Navigate designs easily, at interactive scale, and use gridlines and snap points to stay on your design path. (video: 4:12 min.)Multiple cursor mode:Can you imagine annotating a drawing without using several cursors? You can do this with multiple cursor mode—one for each detail in a drawing. Select a detail, and the tool automatically turns into an annotation tool. (video: 4:19 min.)In-line floating point:Point measurements and annotation text are now displayed in line with the design. No more shifting the text. (video: 1:00 min.)Fillet:Join two disconnected edges, and hide multiple gaps in a single click. Use the new command line filter to find and fix overlapping edges and fillets. (video: 1:40 min.)Snap and snapping:Edit a planar edge and now snap to points, curves, and intersections.Use new Snap mode and Extents mode to navigate drawings more easily.Now undo and redo commands work on snapped lines and vertices.Use the new Cursor Snap to snap to control points, curves, and intersections.Edit an object using any tool on any line.More options in the snap zone include:AutoSnap with weighted snap selectionAutoSnap with snap point optionsResizable snap zones with snap point optionsUse gridlines and snaps to stay on your design path.Snap to other objects.Snap to a 3D view.Draw any 3D view you want.3D views now have a header bar on the left side that offers toggle commands for elevations, angle, distance, look, and move.If you need to move a view from one space to another, the view header bar is where you’ll find the button for the Move View command.Edit and extrude any 3D view.New markup controls:Visio-style style elements to control the appearance of designs. These styles include:Linear scalesRadial scalesRadial gradientsRadial surfacesBeveled surfacesInk strokesTints and tints of tintsDots, squares, and linesLinetypesLinetype patterns 2be273e24d

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